A powerful starting point in ridding sex of negativity and shame.
Katie Glass, The Sunday Times

. . . thank goodness for this book . . . I can’t imagine a more powerful antidote to porn
Ulrika Jonsson in The Sun

Henning’s book is a bold and unapologetic riposte to the absence of an engaging debate on sex in formal education.
Charlotte Philby, Motherland

Extremely explicit, extremely frank and extremely authoritative.
Robin Banerji on Weekend, BBC World Service

This book is much needed . . . Sex should be about pleasure and communication, but schoolchildren are taught little more than the mechanics of sex
Holly Baxter, The Vagenda

I have to say, I would make it compulsory in schools.
Matthew Wright on The Wright Stuff

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Flexi-cover, 256 pages, 234 x 166 mm, over 50 photos in colour and black and white and 20 infographics   £18.99

SEX & LOVERS  A Practical Guide

by Ann-Marlene Henning  & Tina  Bremer-Olszewski

with photographs by Heji Shin

Sex & Lovers is a great new guide for young people who are just starting out sexually, and essential reading for anyone who want to know more about sex but isn’t sure what questions to ask or where to find the answers. Sex can be amazing – and safe – but you need to know what you’re doing.

Everyone can become sexually aroused, but how much you enjoy sex depends on knowledge as well as experience. This book encourages you to get to know yourself and your body, and challenges common myths and expectations about what you should or should not do. The more you know, the better the sex, and the easier it is to talk about what does – or what definitely does not – appeal to you.

Written in a warm, utterly non-judgemental style, Sex & Lovers provides a wealth of facts, information and advice to help young people find what most of us are after – safe sex and good relationships.


Ann-Marlene Henning is a Danish neuro-psychologist, sexologist and TV personality who has her own sex therapy and couples counselling practice in Hamburg. In Sex & Lovers, she and her co-writer Tina Bremer-Olszewski cover everything a young person needs to know about sex and relationships from whether or not the G-spot exists to how to recognise and cope with sexually transmitted infections, from the size and appearance of genitals to how to manage (or decline to provide) oral sex.

The photographs, specially commissioned for this book, show genuine couples having real sex and convey a powerful sense of the closeness and tenderness of passionate sexual love: the complete opposite of the misleading impressions given by pornography.

In Germany, this book has so far sold over 150,000 copies, and was shortlisted in 2013 for a government non-fiction book prize for 14 years and over. It has also been published in Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea and Spain.