ANN-MARLENE HENNING was born in Viborg, Denmark in 1964. After studying law for three years, she moved to Hamburg in Germany where she briefly worked in a bank. She then studied neuropsychology at the University of Hamburg, supporting herself by working as a fashion model. After a year working at a brain injury rehabilitation centre in Denmark, she returned to Germany where her son was born. Having completed her psychology degree, Ann-Marlene studied sexology and couples therapy in Denmark and then spent a further four years in Switzerland at a centre specialising in the Sexocorporell method – which promotes sexual pleasure as a central goal of sex counselling.

Ann-Marlene Henning has for many years run her own psychotherapy practice in Hamburg where she offers couples counselling and sex therapy. She has recently presented a series of sex education programmes on public television in Germany. (in German)

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TINA BREMER-OLSWESKI, born in Stade, Germany, in 1973, is a freelance journalist. After doing a degree in cultural studies at the university of Hildesheim, she became a journalist. She contributes to various national print and online publications in Germany. For more than ten years, she was also a volunteer youth worker, acting, among other things, as a mentor for young people attending summer camps. (in German)